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Testimonials for Ron's Work

Don't take my word for it. Here is what some current and past clients say:

What My Clients Say


"Ron is an excellent coach and mentor. When my team and I needed support he ensured the work that needed to get done got done. He provided accountability, a sounding board and top-notch knowledge that led to increased sales and more effective outcomes from our marketing activity."

Verity Shallaker

Head of Marketing, Events | Arts Marketing Association of the U.K.


“Working with you, we've generated more revenue from our subscription program in the last 30 days than we have in any of the previous 3 years!"

Estelle Campbell

Managing Director, Sierra Madre Playhouse


“I’ve found that it’s so easy to be pulled into doing the things we’ve always done. It’s a faster way to do things, which is important when you’re “in the weeds.” Working with you pulls me out of that space, and gives me this great opportunity to think differently. To ask “Well.. why should we do it that way?” As a team, we're now constantly testing strategies. Rather than throwing spaghetti on the wall, we experiment, evaluate, keep what works, and stop doing what doesn’t, all with intention. By implementing your process, we're not only generating new revenue, we're deepening our relationships with our supporters."

Elizabeth Santana

Managing Director, Palo Alto Players


"Speaking to my mentor Ron Evans for the first time was extremely useful. The man is full of ideas and really hit home the point that this is an opportunity to experiment, to succeed or fail, which is something we rarely do as a part of daily work."

Richard White

Comms Coord., University of Cambridge Museums


“Perhaps Ron Evans’ greatest strength is his ability to listen, which enabled him to come to a clear understanding of our particular needs. He keeps his finger on the pulse of public perception, and is always willing to share that often mysterious aspect of PR and Marketing. He understands, too, that solutions that fall outside our theater company’s ability to implement them are virtually useless; he’s suggested successful strategies and solutions that are within our means (with regard to both financial and human resources) and that have reflected both our mission and our organization’s personality."

Lisa Mallette

Exec. Artistic Director, City Lights Theater Company

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