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Creating Sexy Talking Points That Demand Attention

When I read news articles online, I, like all of you, try to avoid ads. But sometimes one will reach out and demand attention. This one recently caught my eye:

What does it have going for it?

There is a ton of psychology going on here. It’s a brilliant format we can learn from.

First, generally, socks are boring. My Australian Shepherds love mine as toys, but they aren’t the target market. So to have a sock that has not one but six talking points is different. Different gets attention.

It’s almost impossible not to read the colorful talking points and icons. We don’t even need to understand what they all mean. What’s a “performance footbed” (or a footbed, for that matter)? How does a “honeycomb support system” help me in life? It doesn’t matter, because the lack of knowledge creates a fear of missing out. Do you not know that socks can be amazing?

The headline is clickbait for sure. But it still works, and the social proof language suggests that 1) People are obsessed with these socks, and 2) There are many reasons to be obsessed (eight).

And the ad doesn’t ask you to buy them now. Just to learn more. The answers to these new questions you’ve never considered before, just a click away.

So, let’s use this ad as inspiration for your organization’s unique talking points.

Time for you to implement. It’s Ron’s Monday Mission™:

Download this worksheet version of this ad I’ve created for you, and fill it out, with your organization or personal brand as the focus. What are six talking points that make the focus unique? What are talking points you’ve never used before, that sound interesting and demand the listener’s attention (even if they don’t know what they mean)? Assign a headline that brings it all together and motivates people to click for more information.

You don’t have to use this ad. But the exercise will have you thinking about talking points you’ve never considered before, and those will be ready to power your next conversation with a supporter or partner.

Have a great week,



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