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Enhancing the First-Time Magic

My wife Becky tells this story much better than I do, but allow me to chance it, for the business perspective behind it.

You're looking at a shot of the Wallace Monument in Stirling, Scotland, put up in 1869 and commemorates Sir William Wallace, the 13th- and 14th-century Scottish hero. And distant relation to my wife, whose last name is also Wallace.

We visited Stirling during our Europe honeymoon (there was a U.S.-based honeymoon which involved a bunch of geeky NASA stuff and an ostrich farm, but that's a story for another day.

We stayed at a local hotel, and on check-in, the front desk person asked my wife her last name. "Wallace," Becky said, with a special happy sparkle in her eyes. Would the front desk worker be impressed, that a long-lost relative of William Wallace had returned to pay respects? That centuries had passed, for this moment to come full circle? OK, perhaps that's a bit dramatic.

How about a smile of acknowledgement?


The front desk person didn't respond at all, simply coding the room key and explaining where our room was. She couldn't have appeared more bored.

Was it the world's worst disappointment? Of course not. But is it memorably disappointing? You should hear Becky tell it.

Now, we know, rationally that this person has probably met a million people with the last name of Wallace. They might be sick of hearing about anything having to do with William Wallace. Maybe they just hate Mel Gibson. Who cares. The point is that for Becky, this was a first time. This was the ONLY first time that would ever find her with the last name of Wallace at the Wallace monument. And the front desk person wasn't along for the ride, even though it would have been so easy to be.

It's easy for your staff members, and you, to forget the magic that you're creating, especially when you do it over and over again. But your next event will be someone's first time. That person has decided that your offering is the thing to do... the place to be, forsaking all other places at that time. What an incredible opportunity each new person gives us, to make a memory that will last a lifetime. Will you and your staff come along for the ride?

Your turn. It's Ron's Monday Mission™

What procedures and recognitions do you have in place to celebrate and encourage those who are joining into your product/service/offering for the first time?

Have a great week.



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