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How Approachable Are You?

I’ve talked before about the importance of putting yourself in the midst of those you serve. There are incredible benefits in relationship building, data gathering, etc.

But just being on the dance floor doesn’t mean people want to dance with you. How do you ask them to dance, conversationally?

A reader of my Monday Evening Insights forwarded me a note about employees at a hotel near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. These employees all wear name tags, and along with their name, the tag also shows the musical artist the employee loves. Example: You might see Mary at the front desk, and know that she loves The Righteous Brothers.

The hotel reports that this simple act inspires loads of impromptu conversations with guests. Guests start talking about why they also love the artist, ask the employee why they like them, etc. These name tags are acting as a sort of social greasing of the wheels. A catalyst for conversation. And from that conversation, human connections (which create emotions, trust, and loyalty) are born.

This tactic could be an experiment for one of you to try in your organization. How would you modify it to test in your space? Name tags with famous playwrights? Scientists? Notable people from history? Recognition of voices who normally don’t get much focus?

We are all in the relationship-building business. Improving our ability to be approached and create a connection on a person-to-person level is well worth your attention.

Your mission for this week:

What’s one thing you and your team can do to improve how others perceive the ease of approaching you?

Have a wonderful week,



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