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Putting The Fun Back Into Fundraising

The leaves are falling, and so is the temperature. That can only mean… it’s nearly time for end-of-the-year fundraising.

I can picture how it begins: millions of nonprofit leaders searching Dropbox for “YearEndMoneyLetter3.docx.” The plan? Edit the date, for sure. Perhaps move a few paragraphs around. Then address it, get it out the door, and cross fingers.

Me? I get the end result. Last year, 20+ letters sent to me, all with the same, unoriginal ask. The same “I printed a bunch of these” look. Some even had a photocopied signature. Some weren’t signed at all.

Do you want me to donate? I need a few things from you.

1. Tell me what it’s going to be used for. Something more specific than “help us continue to do the work we do.” 2. Triple check my contact information. To the person who called me “Ms. Evons,” I’m talking to you. 3. Wrap me up in your message. Encourage me to empathize with your passion. 4. Show your effort. If you don’t sincerely try, I won’t either.

What’s the plan? How will you be different in your asks this year?

It's your turn. It's Ron's Monday Mission™

Use the above list as a starting point for a discussion with your team. Even if you’re a fundraising rockstar, you can always improve your game. Explore ways to address each point with this year’s asks. I’ve been running several experiments in this area. If you would like me to consider running an online workshop to share the tactics that generated the most revenue, hit reply and let me know. If I get enough interest, I’ll schedule it.

Have a great week,


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