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Tweets from #DramaticStrategies

While I love writing Monday Evening Insights each week, I post nearly daily on Twitter. You’ll find me sharing photos of customer experiences and trends I see out in the wild, along with my thoughts on how you can bring the lessons learned into your operation. And perhaps a few juicy rants.

This week, I’ve broken your regular large dose of strategy into 10 concentrated shots:

  1. 1/30 So, you want sales revenue. It’s great that you have options for those who have little money. What options do you have for those who have a lot of money?

  2. 2/30 Get a “good” price on a recent purchase? We assume others agree. But to some, what you paid is outrageous. Others are shocked at how little you paid. People perceive value differently than you. Price your options with this in mind.

  3. 3/30 Remove “mouse type” on your offers. If you want people to do it, don’t tell them all the ways they can’t do it: “Offer limited to new people, max 4 per house..) etc. Don’t dilute the behavioral request. Don’t make them think.

  4. 4/30 Want millions of dollars of marketing research to benefit your company? Literally look all around you for inspiration. Companies such as @starbucks know that emotion carries brand messaging. We decide by emotion, not logic.

  5. 5/30 Ahh, the end-of-year fundraising season. I received 20+ letters last year, the same unoriginal format, asking for money. Even worse, tons of email blasts (which is a waste of time). How will you get my attention this year?

  6. 6/30 Promote non-obvious benefits. A coffeeshop sells coffee. But it also provides air conditioning on hot days. Lots of wall plugs. Fast wifi. Respite from a stressful day. Free dog cookies. Local artwork. Amazing free smells.

  7. 7/30 Email from a training company this morning. Tells me to hurry for Black Friday discounts on classes. For the last 3 years, all they’ve offered is discounts. Not one other bit of value. What value are you offering?

  8. 8/30 Benefits always start off good, and then get worse. Loyalty points are worth less. Costs go up — for the same thing. Reverse that trend. Give more. Surprise and delight your customer with the unexpected.

  9. 9/30 You’d like to get the word out. You ask your network to share. Help them help you. Write sample blurbs, social posts with links, etc. so it is easy for them to share. Eliminate the friction to the behavior you want.

  10. 10/30 Make Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages be actual questions that customers frequently ask. Not what the team wishes people asked.

Want more? 3000+ other useful tweets await you. Just follow me on Twitter.

Time for you to implement. It’s Ron’s Monday Mission™:

I have a tradition at the end of each calendar year. Starting now, I review all of the newsletters I get, and start unsubscribing from the ones I don’t read. I unfollow social media accounts that are not providing value. I not just archive, but delete email trains (especially those with large attachments). It’s all in the spirit of making room for new thinking in the new year. Do you have a similar plan? If so, reply and tell me about your steps. If not, I encourage you to begin the process now. It dramatically improves your ability to relax on the closing days of the year (now just a few weeks away) which is something I’m sure you will enjoy.




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