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I am a frequent speaker at international management, marketing, and development conferences, specializing in applying psychological research findings to dramatically boost individual and organizational performance. Attendees have come to expect the unexpected in my sessions. I believe speaking is equal parts engagement and entertainment. When people are paying attention, the journey leads to especially memorable experiences. Curious about what I mean? Get in touch.

Some recent speaking and writing topics:

  • “The Psychology of Loyalty” exploring current theories in psychology and using them to design an organizational loyalty program. UBC Centre for Cultural Planning, University of British Columbia, (2018)​

  • “Managing Customer Engagement” exploring how leaders can influence customers to have deep emotional connections to brands. The Drucker School at Claremont Graduate University, (2017)

  •  “Can Games Change Customer Behavior?” exploring rewards system, intrinsic and extrnsic motivation, leaderboards, and the power of social proof. AMA conference, (2015)

  • “The Psychology of Loyalty: Using Science and Technology to Encourage Repeat Behavior” examining the psychology and physiology behind loyalty/rewards systems, implementation of loyalty/rewards systems. National Arts Marketing Project Conference, Americans for the Arts, (Half-day preconference, 2014)

  • “The Arts in Action: Experimenting with Consumer Psychology” examining psychological theories behind pricing, influence, and social proof for implementation by arts managers. National Arts Marketing Project Conference, Americans for the Arts (2013)

  • “The Psychology of Social Media” examining engaging with patrons on social media platforms. National Arts Marketing Project Webinar, Americans for the Arts (2012)

  • “Social Influence: Technology Trends That Encourage Social Attendance” examining how audience-member behavior is affected by social influence. Arts Marketing Association of the U.K. national conference (2013)

  • “Experiments: Exploring and Testing Arts Marketing Assumptions Every Day” examining the integration of the principles of the scientific method into everyday arts marketing experiments. Arts Marketing Association of the U.K. (2013)

  • “Optimisation: Improving Your Operations Through Mini-Experiments” examining mini-experiments that can run in an online arts-marketing context. Marketing Summit 2012, Australia Council for the Arts. (2012)

  • “Patron Psychology: the Science of Influencing Audience Behavior” examining theories on influence and use in arts-marketing settings.Marketing Summit 2012, Australia Council for the Arts. (2012)

  • “Analytics as Listening Device: Use Search, Website, and Social Media Analytics to Better Understand Your Audience” National Arts Marketing Project Conference, Americans for the Arts (2011)


  • “Arts Patrons: Mobile Preferences, a longitudinal study.” Musical America Magazine (2013)

  • “Buying A Ticket is a Social Event.” Musical America Magazine (2013)

  • “To Like or Not To Like: Social Media Measurement.” JAM, the Journal of Arts Marketing (UK) (2012)

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