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Being the Host

When coaching clients ask me how they should focus their marketing, I ask what they have done to date. Often, they discuss what advertising they have purchased and how effective they think the campaigns were.

“This is excellent,” I say. “What’s your strategy for re-engaging lapsed buyers?”

There is an overwhelming attraction for marketing people to focus on getting new people in the door. You need to deliberately address this head-on. There is constant talk about “new customers” or “younger audiences” or “more diverse patrons.” This is all good. But these things should be a slice of your marketing focus. You don’t want it to be the whole pie.

I get it. Drawing someone in for the first time feels like a real win. It’s a tangible result of your efforts and it feels good. Please continue making that effort, and enjoying the win. But this new person is still at a party they’ve never been to before. They don’t know anybody. They need to be made welcome, given a drink, and introduced to someone or something they can connect with. And what’s your role at this party? You are the host. You move around making sure everyone is having a good time until the cops show up.*

You should spend equal time marketing to new customers and deepening relationships with existing customers. That includes the new people who have recently come in as a result of your marketing. There are many, many ways to do this.

Remember, the definition of marketing is “to create need where no need exists.” Sales then fills that need. Strengthening relationships with existing customers IS marketing. And it’s easier marketing.

This week’s Mission:

Make a list of what happens to a new customer once they buy from you. What strategies do you have in place to keep relevant in the customer’s mind? If the list is short, then this is a good place for you to focus this week.

Design and put in place one new strategy for this group of people this week. It cannot include either surveys or discounts. Be creative. If you have an idea and you’re not sure if it will work, run it by me. Only 4 days left in the week, so let’s get it rolling. You can do this.



* The real cops showed up three times at one of my parties back in the day. They were not happy the third time. But that’s a story for another day.


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