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Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200.

“Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200.”

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the detours we take for ourselves, instead of driving straight to our goal. 

When you’re cold, you don’t Google “how to warm up” and then weigh a bunch of options, select the best one and then proceed slowly with a warm-up strategy. You put on a jacket. Done. 

We would all do well to apply this direct approach to many of the things we instead procrastinate on because we feel unsure about proceeding.

Instead of waiting until you have the perfect fundraising plan, go and connect personally with two donors a week. 

Instead of conducting a national search for a new talent outside your organization, get gap training for someone who already works with you, and promote them.

Instead of endless feedback sessions, probations, and performance reviews for someone who is continually underperforming, let them go and get someone new. 

Instead of trying to leverage technology to make connections with your customers, be there to shake their hand in person. 

Instead of having your team learn all the skills to accomplish a one-off project, hire an expert. Let graphic designers do the design. Let technology consultants set up your technology. Leave the plumbing to the professional.

Instead of measuring effectiveness by the “fauxmetrics” that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give you (likes, comments, and shares), measure effectiveness by a business outcome (such as sales).

Instead of having staff meetings where everyone shares what they are working on (do they need to prove they are working on something?), have a short meeting where each person shares the goal they are trying to achieve, and asks others how they can help achieve it. Quickly.

Time for you to implement. It’s Ron’s Monday Mission™:

What detours are tempting you off the most direct route? What issues keep coming up again and again that you haven’t moved on, but know you need to? Step on the gas this week. This may involve some initial discomfort (for others, or for you) but get it over with and let’s get moving. I’m sure you’ve spent enough time exploring the back roads. 

Have a great week, 



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I'm Ron Evans. I dramatically improve individual and organizational performance. If you found today's topic intriguing and want to apply it to your situation, I'll brainstorm with you. The few who follow through and take me up on my offer will benefit greatly. Strike while the iron is hot! 


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