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Goldfish Can Drive?!


How can I say this nicely...

...I mean, they aren't dolphins as far as their intellectual ability...OK, goldfish just eat and swim and do that "bop bop" thing with their mouths. Basically, goldfish are mindless.

Or so I thought, until I was today days old...

So, I've grown a bit today, and rather than make an ass out of you and me, I need to update my thinking. The truth is, we make assumptions every day -- also known as heuristics -- that save us hours. You don't have to think about the steps you take to wash your hair. You just do it. But, occasionally they need to be updated.

For example:

As you look at that list, did any of those need updating in your mind? If not, congrats! It's like you won Wordle today. But if you're like me, and needed to update a few assumptions, here's the thought of the day.

If we can be wrong about mundane stuff like the above, how wrong might we be about really important things? People? Family? Friendships? Inclusion? Ownership? Opportunities?

It's ok to assume. But be open to updating your assumptions, and expect that they will often need updating.

That fish probably drives better than most Teslas.

It's time for you to implement. It's Ron's Monday Mission™

What assumptions are you basing your decisions on right now? Do they need updating? Bounce them off those who know more than you do. And then update your software.

Have a great week.


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