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The Power of Suggestion

“Are you ready for the best iced Americano you’ve ever had?”

Whoa. “Absolutely,” I said.

This exchange happened this morning, as the owner of a new coffeeshop I was trying out handed me my drink.

I sat down and tasted it. It was damn good. The best iced Americano I’ve ever tasted? It might have been. Certainly, it was one of the best. I think. Or was I imagining that it was?

In those few words, the coffeeshop owner set an anchor for my expectations. By simply making a powerful suggestion, he both influenced my thinking and added value to the experience.

Instead of just drinking, I was stopping to taste and rate. Instead of being consumed with the next thing demanding my attention, I was consuming this coffee, with purpose. I was present. I just might be drinking the best iced Americano I’ve ever had. Even if it wasn’t the best, I was investing it with a healthy respect.

It was a reminder that suggestion is powerful. People don’t need our help to form opinions about our products and services. They will do that just fine on their own. But we can positively nudge their expectations and experience through powerful suggestions. These suggestions make our offerings more relevant, meaningful, and memorable.

Time for you to implement. It’s Ron’s Monday Mission™:

Have your team circle the wagons, and talk about suggestion. What suggestion can you make about your product or service that will help set a powerful positive expectation? What unique qualities set your offering apart from others so that you can suggest superiority? Come up with two strong suggestions, and use them in a subject-line A/B test in an email campaign next week. Then analyze which receives the stronger response.

Have a great week, and a happy and restful Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate.



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